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8/28 WLC Meeting: Education Informing Impact

The cannabis industry is a collective of many separate but essential parts that, knowingly or unknowingly, have a powerful and potent impact on one another. In this presentation, Brigid discusses the experiences and motivating factors that lead to starting Symbiosis Cannabis Education as well as the impact she believes quality education can make in cannabis.

Brigid Gavin is the Founder of Symbiosis Cannabis Education based in Eugene, Oregon. She began her foray into Cannabis during Oregon's medical era working as a farmhand for the regenerative cannabis farm, Bloom Hill Botanicals. In early 2015, Gavin set out to expand her knowledge of Cannabis and so began her 4-year journey in Retail Cannabis. Working at multiple organizations in diverse roles such as budtending and purchasing, she had continuous exposure to the full gamut of cannabis products, their production methods, and uses. Working directly with a myriad of Cannabis companies, she had hands-on experience that equipped her with an education not easily rivaled. In early 2019, armed with unique expertise, Brigid decided to funnel her knowledge into creating a series of courses for Cannabis professionals as well as content for knowledge-hungry consumers. Brigid is dedicated to people taking health into their own hands and hopes to further enable this by providing clarity about the safe use of Cannabis.

Attendance is included in membership dues. Drop-in fee for curious new comers is $5.