Oregon Native Bee Appreciation Day -Beyond Toxics Fundraiser: TOMORROW 8/13/19 at Cornucopia 🐝
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Oregon Native Bee Appreciation Day -Beyond Toxics Fundraiser: TOMORROW 8/13/19 at Cornucopia 🐝

🌿 We've got an easy and fun way to help our Save Oregon’s Bees campaign protect native bees from deadly pesticides and other toxic chemicals: by celebrating Oregon Native Bee Appreciation Day with us at both Cornucopia restaurants in Eugene.* All day Tuesday, August 13th Cornucopia will donate a percentage of your meal to Beyond Toxics when you tell them you support our campaign. We’ll have staff members at the original Cornucopia on 17th and the 5th St. Cornucopia Bar and Burger between 11 am and 9 pm to tell you about how you can help us protect Oregon’s bees.

Please join us on August 13th to celebrate native bees with mouth-watering food and a cold brew and support our fight to protect them. *295 W 17th Ave, Eugene, Oregon 97401 and 207 E 5th Ave, Eugene.

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WLC General Assembly Meeting - 7/24/19 - HR in the Cannabis Industry
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WLC General Assembly Meeting - 7/24/19 - HR in the Cannabis Industry

As owners and managers in growing companies, we frequently encounter challenges as we seek to maintain a balance between vigilance regarding our compliance with laws and regulations and concern for the individual needs of all the humans we employ.

Many small business don't utilize a Human Resource Professional in the early stages of their company's formation - what might be the implications of that as they interact with up to a dozen regulatory agencies in the first few years of business? In the last ten years, employee pay lawsuits have increased by 300%, and last year, the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission received more than 90,000 claims of employment related discrimination. In this increasingly litigious climate, how do we avoid running afoul of the many laws governing how companies interact with employees while also providing a place that is safe and enjoyable to work?

This presentation by HR Consultant Kathryn Gabbert, Owner of KIND Human Resource Consulting and Advocacy and Outreach Coordinator for Women Leaders in Cannabis, provides an overview of some of the key Human Resource related issues pertaining to your small business and its employees.

Kathryn Gabbert, a proud Oregon native, seamlessly juggles the roles of: wife, mother of five, behavior specialist, social worker, volunteer, and human resource consultant here in the Willamette Valley. Kathryn launched KIND HR Consulting in 2018, offering training, compliance consulting, professional development, strategic planning, dispute resolution, risk management, and administrative and executive support state-wide with services customized to support the individual needs of small businesses.

After graduating from Linfield College in 2009, her B.A. in Social and Behavioral Science, paired with a certificate in Human Resource Management focusing on Labor Relations, inspired Kathryn towards a career in Social Work. Her firm foundation in Human Resources, Social Science, and Advocacy is further bolstered through the completion of over 10 different certifications and training programs.

When not engaged in professional endeavors, Kathryn serves as a mentor, a tireless volunteer in her community, and the Outreach & Advocacy Director for Women Leaders in Cannabis. In addition to her love of live music, festivals, and “nothing” matching, she keeps chickens, smelly dogs, five cats, and an immaculate house - and cooks amazing Mexican food.

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